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100 Shades of Grey in manufacturing

What's this Grey Matter in Manufacturing ?

I have been doing manufacturing sourcing, vendor and product development most of my career. I have noticed this one serious problem of manufacturers working on grey-scale. None of my manufacturers would know what is their annual capacity, how much would each machine/operators earns for them. No one seems to know exactly how much it takes to produce. Not to blame any one its just no one want to invest into technology for less glamorous industry.

Most of manufactures would collect data from machines and operator through hard copy and compile it into spread sheets or rarely into rigid, unproductive ERP. There was no efficient way of capturing data that could give critical alert, or provide data upon which once could make data-driven decision. SAP/ERP would do no good, too expensive, need a nerd to use them, ugly and constrained to desktops.

Things get worse where single person oversees all the department,and it becomes completely disastrous at time. Most of manufacturers try approaching local developers for ERP which either goes so wrong, resisted by user and system becomes a monster to implement. If fortunately everything goes well, its just matter of time the whole system become obsolete. This whole rigidity of using ERP turns off management and rendering them to decide on grey scale.

So what do we got for you?

We want to change the way small and medium scale industry function using Data Science. Develop simple technology, to empower small one to become bigger and better. Here We Are!!! We believe that mere observation of data can lead to an invention, we believe in power of data science.

PyFactory our cloud based, cross platform and cross device application provides a cockpit view of whole manufacturing plant to a proprietor/any stakeholder and an hassle free way of collecting data from nooks and corners of you industry like machines and operators. Know More.

Live feed of production like this

Control wastage and Flags

Track machine usage


Track expenses from tally and other accounting software

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